Situation Analysis

Does your business have the following confusion

Although you have a product brand, you lack a marketing model, poor product visibility, and low brand exposure.
Sales channels
Your sales on Amazon Ebay have no effect or want to expand new channels, but you are not familiar with new channels.
You have a good product, but suffer from no way to drain and promote the product to target customers.
Conversion rates
Flow costs remain high, flow utilization is low, and individual conversion costs are high.

Make business transformation easier

Multi-language multi-terminal platform construction, enterprise marketing promotion, platform operation management, one-stop solution.

  • Intelligent full network platform

    Multiple languages, all terminals, full support, one-stop management! All sections can be set freely, and can be changed at will by dragging with a mouse! Coupled with templates tailored by marketing experts and senior designers for different industries, your products can easily win the “favors” of global buyers!

  • Intelligent marketing system

    Compatible with all kinds of effective internet marketing systems! Help enterprises easily carry out marketing across the network, and can follow up various marketing progress anytime, anywhere! It will continue to develop more marketing systems based on market changes. Enterprises do not need to develop again, one-click upgrade, enjoy immediately.

  • Intelligent management tools

    More complete tools and smarter operation! All platforms are opened, one-stop management, intelligent synchronization, and you can glance at various marketing effects, easy to control! No talent for transformation, lack of experience, management can't come? No problem! No matter how many platforms, one person can easily handle it!

Service mode

Leading industry brand thinking, perfect cross-border e-commerce marketing system