Seamless data synchronization across all channels of cross-border sales

Seamless connection with cross-border sales omni-channel platform, B2C, B2B, and cross-border logistics


This is the cross-border e-commerce ERP software with the widest range of applications, the clearest process, the simplest operation, the most friendly interface, and the most stable system in the industry. The functions include multi-platform multi-store management, commodity management, order processing, procurement management, supply chain management, shipment management, after-sales management, inventory management, financial accounts, asset management, cost management, customer relationship management, report center, etc. .

Powerful function support

Basic information

Account management

Store authorization

Logistics management

Member Management


Print template

Basic Settings

Promotion management

SMS management

Dispatch log

Commodity management

Product Information

Item management

Exception table handling

Inventory upload

Inventory upload record

Commodity management

Distribution Statistics

Recycle bin

One-click publishing

Sales management

Order review

Order financial review

Order printing

Scan inspection

Order weighing

Manual delivery

Abnormal order

Consignment order

Billing order

Manual billing

After sales management

Parcel receipt

After-sales order creation

After-sales order processing

Cut order management

Return management

Feedback management

Procurement management

Purchase order

Purchase payment

Supply Chain Management

Procurement structure management

Inventory management

Warehouse management

Location management

Stock leveling

Inventory check

Miscellaneous storage

Miscellaneous delivery

Purchase receipt

Purchase returns

Bill management

Sales Delivery

Purchase storage

Barcode management



Financial Management

Receivable management

Payable management

General ledger management

Cost management

Accounting management

Multi-organization settlement

Fund management


Solve the problem of channel expansion solve platform docking problems, solve team management problems solve overseas logistics problems solve warehousing operations problems solve financial reconciliation problems solve internal integration problems solve external expansion resources problems solve operation and maintenance guarantee Problems solve after-sales management issues
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