Data services

  • Market data analysis

    Through the channel sales data, customer feedback, manufacturer's data to the commodity category, price and other dimensions to do analysis, to understand the customer's interest point to category optimization or expansion.

  • Category data analysis

    From the dimensions of time and space and the categories and prices of goods multiple dimensions to do analysis to understand the customer's point of interest and future possible purchases.

  • Sales data analysis

    Follow up the characteristics of different sales channels, build data sales model and give reasonable reference value to achieve sales from beginning to end each node control

  • Competition data analysis

    Provide relevant data on all links throughout the chain and make a comprehensive analysis of the data according to the designated competitors

What kind of competition data do we provide?

  • 01

    Foreign Main Market Business Data

  • 02

    Data on trends in relevant categories in the global mainstream market

  • 03

    Performance data on major e-commerce sales platforms

  • 04

    Distribution and ROI of data by category

  • 05

    Scale of channel traffic and conversion data

  • 06

    Amazon Ebay mainstream platform sales link standard data

  • 07

    Standard Data for Operation of Independent Mall in Different Industry

  • 08

    Data analysis of competing products of peers on the Internet

  • 09

    E-commerce business chain back-end logistics channels related data

  • 10

    Qualitative forecast analysis | days | weeks | months | quarters | ROI