Company culture

Corporate values

Health · Family · Friendship · Career · Wealth

Health: In awe of life, we insist that working hard is for a better life, and a healthy body is a responsibility to ourselves and the family.

Family: The family is the harbor of the soul and the source of happiness.

Friendship: Harvesting friendship, happiness, sharing experience and achievements will eventually lay the foundation for your career.

Career: Achieve a career. We pass on a spirit and some methods for the people around us and the younger generation.

Wealth: Create value for customers, and work hard to reward our family, ourselves, and investors.

Corporate vision

Become a global brand incubator for small and medium-sized processing companies

Corporate mission

Based on Internet data technology

Help 1000 small and medium-sized processing enterprises transform into brand enterprises

Personnel Standards

Value identification, attitude, communication, learning ability

Corporate Discipline

Self-discipline · Self-reliance · Perseverance

Self-discipline behavior: self-discipline, long-term vision, conscientious work, and natural success.

Self-reliance: self-reliance, perseverance, longing for the future, relentless pursuit, contempt for difficulties, and success

Perseverance: Life is a long-distance race, and endurance is more important than sprint ability.