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  • Functional department
    HR Specialist
    San Francisco
    2017-06-14 16:18:04

    The job description:

    1.Responsible for Posting recruitment information on recruitment websites;

    2.Responsible for staff recruitment, interview and second interview arrangement;

    3.Responsible for background check, offer notice and entry procedures;

    4.Responsible for new employee reception and introduction;

    5.Responsible for new staff orientation arrangement;

    6.Responsible for employee contract signing, renewal, termination and filing management;

    7.Staff file management and staff file update;

    8.Responsible for the management of personnel changes such as regular, post transfer, promotion and demotion;

    9.Be responsible for the employee dimission procedures;

    10.Be responsible for the declaration of salary adjustment and the preparation of salary scale;

    11、Responsible for the drafting of various notices of the company, and the declaration and issuance of various systems;

    12、Responsible for the selection of various recruitment channels, contact and establish good relations of cooperation;

    13、Assist to complete the annual hr budget;

    14、Responsible for the communication of human resources affairs in the warehouse supply chain;

    15、Responsible for staff activity organization, weekly sports activities, annual staff travel, annual meeting and so on.

    Education Background:

    ◆College degree or above in human resources, management or related field;Have received systematic training in human resource management.

    Work Background:

    Excellent hr graduates can also be considered.Recruitment experience is preferred.

    Job Skills:

    ◆Has the modern human resource management idea and the solid theoretical foundation;

    ◆Familiar with national, regional and enterprise laws, regulations and policies on contract management, salary system, employment mechanism, insurance and welfare treatment, training, etc.;

    ◆Strong official document writing ability;

    ◆Strong coordination ability and ability to deal with emergencies;

    ◆Familiar with office software \PPT;

    Personality and Attitude:

    ◆Good interpersonal skills and good interpersonal skills;

    ◆Good at coordination and communication, responsible and enterprising;◆ Capable and practical;

    ◆Good professional spirit and ethics, good sense of teamwork.

  • Operations
    Amazon Sales intern minority languages
    San Francisco
    2017-06-14 17:21:28

    Job Description:

    1、Store decoration management and maintenance on eBay, Amazon, WISH or Aliexpress;

    2、 Prepared product description, collected and sorted product related data, and improved product information;

    3、Be responsible for the management of eBay, Amazon, WISH or Aliexpress, listing product pricing, maintaining and optimizing listing page, and ensuring account security;

    4、Market research and analysis, collect and analyze market conditions and competitors' conditions, make sales strategies and marketing plans,

    5、Ability to motivate performance through various means;Improve the operation and sales skills of the store;

    6、Improve the respective policies and systems of the stores, and maintain the high praise rate and good credit of the stores;Make detailed sales report and conduct sales analysis.

    Education and training Background:
    German or French or Italian or Spanish or Russian or other small language professional four or above, master one of the languages can

    Solid language foundation, quick thinking, comprehensive consideration, problem solving ability and persistence;

    Familiar with shopping habits of foreign consumers;

    Personality and Attitude:
    Careful, responsible, good at thinking, dare to find.

    Computer skills:
    Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FrontPage,Third-party publishing tools, Office, market research tools.

  • Warehousing
    Warehouse Logistics Specialist
    San Francisco
    2017-06-20 14:35:09

    Job Description:

    Responsible for daily goods collection and delivery, quality inspection, warehousing, sorting, review, secondary packaging, etc.; responsible for daily goods selection, review, loading and delivery of warehouse materials; responsible for goods ordering, sorting, sorting and other related work.

    Education and training background
    High school education or above, aged 20 to 30

    Work Background:

    More than one year experience in cross-border e-commerce warehouse management is preferred

    Job Skills:

    1、Familiar with e-commerce warehouse management and 5S management.The department is kept clean and tidy all year round, and the area planning is clear and efficient.
    2、Proficient in logistics/warehousing center standard operation process formulation, control and control management.

    Personality and Attitude:

    Good at communication, meticulous, hard-working, quick and agile, can work with good efficiency and working status;

    Careful and responsible, able to timely and efficiently complete daily work;

    Practical, diligent, hard-working, love their own work;

    Work actively, have strong team spirit;

    Good health, no serious medical history, no bad habits.

    Computer skills:

    Will be simple computer operation, will be printed and issued invoices, logistics invoices, the operation of the background delivery process

  • Operations
    Foreign trade e-commerce intern
    San Francisco
    2017-06-20 14:36:41

    Job Description:

    1.No limitation on gender, fresh graduates, college degree or above, Cet-4 or above;

    2.Mainly responsible for the release, maintenance and sales of the company's products on the e-commerce foreign trade platform ebay, as well as product development and sales channel development;

    3.Understand the online shopping mode, familiar with the operation of foreign trade business website;B2B, B2C platform;

    4.Understand the popular platform abroad, work steadfast meticulous, patient, perseverance;

    5.Good stress tolerance, flexible in dealing with problems, team work spirit;

    6.The company will provide free system training, training in place in the early stage;

    7.Individuals have a clear positioning for their own future, here, we give you more is the opportunity to create their own business an opportunity.