Company Overview

An integrated industrial service investment platform built with systems and technical services,
supply chain integration, new media marketing and overseas integrated services.

About us

The revolution of the Internet to the traditional industry is continuing. Internet technology has created great enterprises such as Alibaba and Amazon through the revolution of the commercial circulation industry. Tencent and Facebook have been born through the revolution of communication and media. We believe that the first half of the Internet technology revolution is coming to an end. However, the second half of the Internet technology revolution will be an innovation in industrial production, which is known as Industry 4.0. We believe that this era has just begun.

We believe that data technology will eventually have a significant impact on industrial production and commercial circulation. The advent of the era of big data will redefine industrial production and raw material industry in addition to redefining the circulation industry.

Xiao Ke Dou zhongchuang e-commerce technology (guangzhou) co., LTD believes that data technology represents the future and the sharing economy represents the future. We were fortunate to get involved in the Internet business field seven years ago, and accumulated a lot of methods and experience in this field. We deeply felt the importance of data technology to the future retail industry and industry; we were deeply infected by the open source spirit of the android system, We decided to share our accumulated methods and experience with comrades and friends who intend to invest in industrial transformation and evolve their businesses from processing enterprises to brand enterprises! Data analysis services on customer needs, construction services on various Internet channels, new media advertising promotion services, information and data system technical services, global warehousing logistics management and localization services, global financial and tax regulation services, human resources services and training services, Supply chain financial services and other aspects, open source, share, and empower to build an integrated industrial technology service and investment platform. "Internet + brand", we will focus on providing a closed-loop solution for the transformation and upgrading of global SMEs and brand internationalization.

Xiao Ke Dou zhongchuang e-commerce technology (guangzhou) co., LTD is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, and has branches in the United States, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and other places. We will make good connections and do our best to provide our thoughtful services to small and medium-sized enterprises in various countries.

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