CODO Technology Services

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  • Market Data Service

    CODO provides services including website traffic analysis, commodity sales analysis, regular market data analysis and content analysis; store, record, analyze and display various data on the platform in detail; extract effective data in big data and combine it with specific businesses.

  • Internet channel construction

    CODO provides small and medium-sized enterprises with integrated and comprehensive Internet brand website planning solutions, including enterprise website construction, website SEO optimization, Internet channel communication, website marketing promotion, channel operation, channel maintenance, channel analysis and other services.

  • New media promotion

    CODO provides overseas marketing promotion for small and medium enterprises to expand and deepen their overseas capital, increase sales, and spread word of mouth. Through effective social media, mail, online advertising, video and other marketing methods to promote the brand, so as to form a good word-of-mouth communication.

  • System Technical Service

    CODO provides system technical services including production planning, procurement system, supply chain system, distribution system, quality management, asset management, budget management, cost management, customer relationship management, business analysis and financial accounting system.

  • Global warehousing services

    CODO provides small and medium-sized enterprises with a complete and integrated supply chain management solution. It includes a series of services including domestic warehousing management and logistics processing, first-line trunk transportation, overseas warehouse management and outbound delivery. At present, the logistics network has been expanded in many countries.

  • Cross-border integrated services

    In addition to the five core technical services, CODO also provides global financial and taxation services, supply chain financial services, exhibition services, and human resources and training services, providing full closed-loop complete support for the transformation and upgrading of Chinese small and medium enterprises and brand internationalization.


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